Homeschool workbooks for grade 3 math
Boom Pop Bang Education

An excellent workbook to master the understanding of basic arithmetic concepts such as  addition, multiplication etc. and arithmetic properties such as associative property, distributive property etc. The many examples and exercises facilitate the user of this guided notebook. The material is well understood and known by the time all the activities are completed. In an era when true knowledge has been replaced by “google it” it is refreshing to know schools can find tools in the market to counter the decline of real knowledge. I consider “Math Rescue Guide” a must have workbook in all classrooms committed to prepare children to be comfortable with arithmetic and seed love for arithmetic and later mathematics in general.

I looked over the Math Rescue Guide you put together. You have done a great job. It is put together to reinforce and build fundamental math skill sets that students still struggle with. I recommend that teachers and parents use this resource to strengthen their students’ fundamental computational skill sets, that will benefit them in their high school math courses.

Wow!  Boom! Math Rescue Guide is an excellent resource for not only elementary school aged children, but also as review for middle school and high school students.  The instructions are clear and concise with plenty of examples to practice.  The best part, however, is how much fun it looks like.  No more boring worksheets here!  Life should be all Boom! Math Rescue Guide worksheets!

Boom! Math Rescue Guide is an awesome resource for elementary through high school. It is a great tool for those learning the skills for the first time and for those who need that extra refresher. For the parent who may feel unsure about helping their kid with math, Jamie has an amazing and entertaining way of putting it all in simple, easy to follow steps. I love how the book is written as if she is sitting right there with you and walking you through each activity. As a parent and a high school math teacher, I can highly recommend this book for all ages. I am excited about using this with my own kids and as a resource for my Algebra students who need that extra refresher on their skills.